The Garden: Thriving in the Season of Singleness

“I will always show you where to go. I’ll give you a full life in the emptiest of places – firm muscles strong bones. You’ll be like a well-watered garden, a gurgling spring that never runs dry.” – Isaiah 58:11 | MSG

Singleness is a garden, not a desert.

Many people (myself included) view “Singleness”as a desert wasteland we must survive through … a temporary season to endure.

However, I’m realizing that “Singleness” is actually a Garden we are meant to thrive in – not merely survive through.

Think of the most stunning and aesthetically pleasing Garden you have ever seen. Around every corner is a new fruit to taste and beautiful flowers to smell. There are crystal clear streams full of life and you can feel the grass beneath your bare feet. The air is fresh and smells like after a rainstorm.

I think this is how God designed and intended for singleness to be experienced. I can just see Him shaking His head as we try to blow through this special Garden and end up missing all the beautiful things we were created to enjoy in THIS season of life. I think He has strategically hidden secrets and revelations to take our breath away in THIS garden alone.

I think there are certain things that we can only experience in singleness that He is desperately wanting to show us.

He is a good God. Why would He move us into that new garden of “Relationship” before we have learned/seen everything we can from this one?

Singleness is not an obstacle to overcome. Singleness is not a disease that needs to be cured.

Singleness is a Garden used by God to establish all of the habits, disciplines and wonder that we need in order to thrive in the next season of life.

Why would He move us on, if we haven’t yet developed the habit of stopping to taste every piece of fruit? Why would He move us on before we’ve looked under every rock to find something new from Him? If He moved us into that new season before we developed these habits and desires, we wouldn’t be ready. We wouldn’t have established that reliance on Him alone and the wonder of seeking His face.

Why would He move us before we have had the chance to see everything in this Garden? Why would we even WANT Him to move us?

I don’t want God to move me until I have exhausted every corner of this current Garden and can say, “Lord, I want to know You in this place, and I never want to leave!”

I believe that is when He is able to open the gate into the next beautiful Garden of our lives.

Sometimes though, we get impatient to leave and try to break down that gate…and He will let us. But it is with sorrow that He watches us run at that gate (some of us again and again) in our own weak attempt to speed up His Holy Timing. Instead of fullness and joy, all that will leave us with is a broken gate and unnecessary wounds.

Forced entry into a season will get you there sooner…but it will leave you with a fence that needs to be rebuilt.

“He said to them, “It is not for you to know the times or season that the Father has fixed by His own authority.” – Acts 1:7 | ESV

God desires for the entry into our next Garden to be smooth and in His perfect timing. We can get where we want to go faster when we bust down the gate ourselves, but we will be wounded and left to fix something that was never intended to be broken.

When we take matters into our own hands, we end up missing some of the beautiful initial moments of entry into a new season because we are distracted by the gate we have to fix.

Stop trying to leave and simply explore your garden! God has so many things to reveal to you. Get so lost in your Singleness that when the time comes for Him to open the gate, you are a little sad to leave behind that place of intimacy with Him. Leave your garden fully known and fully experienced.

There is an intimacy and focus that we have in singleness that will one day be gone. Our time and attention will be divided. That is hard to imagine, but think about it this way:

Faith pleases God (in fact it is impossible to please Him without it – Hebrews 11:6) and while we are single, we have the opportunity to please Him uniquely. As we wait on Him to reveal the who, what, when, and how, we get to honor Him and please Him with our faith. The thought of missing out on the beauty and delightfulness and favor of the Lord in this season makes me sad. I want to discover and adventure through every corner of this Garden of singleness with Him alone, because when I enter that next garden…I wont be alone.

So, to all of my single ladies (and gents)… instead of running through singleness like it is a desert we are dying in, let’s soak in every glorious gift this Garden holds. Let’s be so caught up in the wonder of where He has us, that when it’s time to move on, Jesus actually laughs as He has to turn our attention to the gate swung wide.

Love you guys.


*Cue “The Garden” by Kari Jobe*

One thought on “The Garden: Thriving in the Season of Singleness

  1. You are right on. This is why I passed on several great potential Godly women in my life. I just felt like there were some things that I needed to fly solo on in order to learn what God had for me. If you are meant to fly solo for a while and you decide to tether someone to you for the journey you will not make the distance and possible crash from the weight of unnecessary baggage. I love you. Blog on sister. Daddy.


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